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Our Mobile Oven Pizza Truck

Our fresh ingredients are expertly cooked in our high-tech mobile oven!

We have invested in a top-of-the-line mobile oven system to provide you with the very best quality! Our oven is transported to you on a custom-built Alcom trailer; and our pizzas are cooked to perfection inside our Lepanyol 120 wood fired oven. Lepanyol ovens are known for maintaining heat efficiency and maxmizing taste, flavor, and aroma.

At Pompeii Pizza, we value quality, taste, efficiency and cleanliness. Our customized oven system allows us to make all those factors priority at once! With an open kitchen interior, we keep every surface pristine and sanitized. The wood burning oven allows us to infuse every pizza with unique flavor; and our locally sourced ingredients set the quality of each pizza apart. Come see us! After one bite, we're sure you'll agree!

Take a look inside the trailer and behind the scenes!